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Metal Stencil Cleaner SC-AH100E-LV

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Reduve VOC emission and running cost!

メタルマスク洗浄機 SC-AH100 Ultrasonic Cleaning

  • Less damage to metal stencil.
  • Huge Running Cost Reduction!
  • Low VOC Solvent!



Reduction fo VOC emission

Using Low VOC solvent can reduce organic solvent consumption that harms human health and environment. Comparison of VOC Emissions per cycle

Running cost 55% reduction

Low volatility of solvent can contribute to low running cost. Comparison of running cost per cycle


Simultaneous process of cleaning and drying can realize a high-speed cleaning. Washing and drying = high-speed processing of about 5 minutes


Procuct No. SC-AH100E
Outside dimension W:880×D:1,100×H:1,666 ㎜ 
(Including projecting parts.)
Weight 230kg(Dry weight)
Applicable stencil siza 550×600㎜※1、550×650㎜※1、
Power AC110,120,220,240V 50/60Hz 500VA
Ultrasonic 40kHz 300W
Air 0.4MPa 650NL/min
Exhaust duct 5.5m/sec
Diameter φ98㎜
Cleaning agent HA-2789U
Cleaning/Drying time Approx.5min/Cycle※ 2
※1 Adapter required
※2 Time may differ depending on condition
FCC compliant models is available. Please ask for details.