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Mounter Nozzle Cleaner SC-ENX “SAWA Eco Nozzle”

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Double cleaning power by ultrasonic and vacuum brings excellent solution.


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  • SC-ENX can clean 80 nozzles at one time.
  • We offer a wide range of nozzle holders suitable to the mounter manufacturers.(Some nozzle holders may not fit to the cleaner.)
  • Technology of ultrasonic and vacuum system brings perfect cleaning because ultrasonic water passes through completely into every nozzle opening by vacuum state.
  • There are almost no damage to nozzles by not to splash water to the reflector.
  • Use “Purified Water” for regular cleaning.
  • For PRE-CLEANING of the persistent solder or dirt, use our recommended “Alkaline Electrolyzed Water”.


Product No. SC-ENX
Outside dimention W:500×D:511×H:353㎜
Weight 28.5kg
Power AC100.110,120,220,240V 50/60Hz
Power consumption 30VA
Ultrasonic 40kHz 9W
Air 0.3MPa 180NL/min(Peak)
Minimum requirement of solvent 1 liter(Tank capacity:4L)
Liquid Purified water
Cleaning/Air vacuuming time Approx. 5min/Approx.5min
Compartible Maker YAMAHA,Panasonic,JUKI,Fuji,etc…
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