Sawa Corporation
Customer Service
Installation / Repair

Customer Service members will visit and install Auto cleaners. We, local agents and Sawa Customer service cherish customer's satisfaction and provide top class service net work.

Wordldwide network for security

We supply repair training to the overseas ageency.
⇒After finishing training, certification is provided to the participant.


Please ask for your local agent.


Some kinds of cleaners are able to up-grade as customer's request.

  • Auto extinguisher
  • Auto-drainage structure
  • rinsing structure
  • Deformate stencil size structure
  • Enhanced drying

Upgraded Sawa Clean“SC-A51”
(Added Auto-extinguisher etc...)


We sell the suitable consumbles for each costomer's cleaner.

  • Pump fileter

    collect fine and thin solder paste
    and prevent from reattachment
    (rffective against Pb free solder paste)

  • Solder Catcher

    A filter against solder particles.
    95% of solder paste is collected
    by solder catcher.

  • Cleaning Solvent

    Select the exact solvent for user's needs.

  • Deodorant liquid

    Deodorizes with phytoncide's neutralizing property.

Trade-in system

This service is only applied in Japan.