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Mounter Nozzle Cleaner / Checker

Next Generation nozzle full automatic solution (Clean, Inspection, Traceability) SCI-CPXⅡ

  • Set Panasonic nozzle changer as it is
  • Track and trace the nozzle status for each cleaning by reading the 2D code on the nozzle
  • Automatically manage the nozzle replacement timing etc. by connecting the system with Pana CIM

One set cleaning

Directly set the nozzle charger from the mounter to the cleaning machine.

Automatic Inspection

Measure the suction power of the nozzles by air flow rate.
Detects defective nozzles to encourage repair or replacement.


Control the stability of the cleaning from PC and track records with 2D code.

Connectable with PanaCIM

Connectable with PanaCIM.
Possibe to improve the rate of yield.

Cleaning ability




NPMマウンター対応 超音波マウンターノズル検査装置【SCI-CPXⅡ】
Product No. SCI-CPXⅡ
Outside dimension and Weight W: 800 x D: 800 x H: 1,900 mm (Including signal tower) Aprrox. 280 kg
Power AC 110, 120, 220, 240 V 50/60 Hz (Selectable) 220 VA
Ultrasonic 38±4 kHz 50 W
Air 0.5 MPa 330 NL/min
Cleaning agent Purified water
Takt time Approx. 16 min by 8 nozzle head (16 nozzles) *1 Approx. 31 min by 12/16 nozzle head (32 nozzles) *1

Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice for improvement.