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Mounter Nozzle Cleaner / Checker

Next Generation Fully automatic nozzle cleaner (Cleaning, Inspection, Traceability)  SCI-EZY

  • Set YAMAHA Mounter Nozzle Holder DIRECTLY.
  • Inspection (some are Optional) find defective nozzles.
  • Track and trace the nozzle status for each cleaning by reading the 2D code on the nozzle.

Easy with a batch set

Directly set the nozzle holder from the mounter to the cleaning machine.

Save more than 150 min

Cleaning with Ultrasonic + Vacuuming significantly enables to cut off the working hours of the manpower. 


“Cleaning history”, “inspection result” and “inspection image” are linked to the nozzle ID and stored in management PC.

Ultrasonic Mounter Nozzle Cleaner with Inspection system for Mounter Nozzle YRM20 [SCI-EZY]
Product No. SCI-EZY
Dimension, Weight W: 800 x D: 800 x H: 1,500 mm  (incl. signal tower H 1,902mm) Approx. 290 kg
Power AC 100〜240 V 50/60 Hz 260 VA
Ultrasonic Frequency 38±4 kHz Output 60 W
Air 0.45 MPa 400 NL/min
Nozzle holder 1~4 ( For 1 mounter )
Available nozzle 80 series (not available for QFP and large parts)
Applicable standard CE (RoHS2)
Takt time (152 nozzles) less than 62mins (less than 80mins for additional sliding/camera inspection) * *Time may differ depending on condition. Specifications are subjected to change without notice.

Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice for improvement.