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Screen Mask Cleaner

Wide size compatubility. The machine can clean stencils up to 1000mm SC-MM7VE

  • Clean the stencils with ultrasonic waves combined to pressured spray
  • Special modifications for automation are also available
  • Special modification for larger size is also available

SC-MM7VE’s Features

For users who clean a large number of screens per day.
      users who have several size pattern of screens.
      users who bother with cleaning of fine-pitch screens.

Mesh Fineness #300




SAWA | SC-MM7V スクリーンマスク洗浄機 洗浄動作
Product No. SC-MM7VE
Outside dimension and Weight W: 1,770 x D: 1,100 x H: 2,450 mm (Including signal tower) Approx. 400 kg
Power AC 100 V 50/60 Hz 600 VA
Ultrasonic 40 kHz 300 W
Air 0.4 MPa 800 NL/min
Exhaust duct 5 m/sec Diameter 148 mm
Applicable screen size L: 550 x W: 600 mm to L: 1,000 x W: 1,000 mm

Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice for improvement.