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Metal Stencil Cleaner / Checker

0402 Chip mounting requires stencil condition status management SCI-MCC

  • Easily detects solder particle residuals with high accuracy
  • Garber data are not needed
  • Track and trace stencil inspection

Full inspection of solder residue and dust deposit on metal stencil openings after the cleaning.

It reflects solder residues and dust deposit in red color.

All the openings in the specified area can be inspected.

NG point capture can be confirmed.
Trace for each mask is possible by registering the control number.
Pre-registration of Garber data is not required.
Available with 100V power supply.

Measuring mask tension

Mask tension can be measured as an option.

Product No. SCI-MCC
Outside dimension and Weight W 1,160 D 1,520 H 1,500mm ±210kg(Dry Weight)
Power Supply Single-phase AC100V±10V50/60Hz300VA
PC OS : Windows10 Home 64bit CPU : core i7 MEM : 8GB HDD : SSD 500GB Monitor : 20inch Full HD Keyboard, Mouse (Wired)
PC Gadget Monitor : 20inch Full HD Keyboard, Mouse (Wired)
Frame Size M Size : L550 ×W600 / 650mm L Size:L736×W 736mm
Inspeciton area L: 400 x W: 400 mm(Max.)
Processing Speed Aperture Inspection : Within ±5 minutes Tension measurement : ±1 minute

Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice for improvement.